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I’m Tim Whiteman, a husband and father to an amazing family. I write part-time and work full-time. Over the past 13 years... I’ve traveled 20 states across the USA starting and nuturing relationships with business folks and selling stuff (yes, I am proud to be a sales man) …but my next chapter is just beginning.

The purpose of this blog is to change the world one person at a time; by achieving my goals and helping others who are struggling to do the same. We will focus on three key areas together: Purpose, Passion, and Life. I believe every successful human being on this planet possesses all of them. I intend to mentor others into living a successful life.

My quest is to seek and find winners from every walk of life and share their stories with you through my writing. All I ask is that you pay it forward (social media sharing, sharing a post with a family member or friend in need, etc). Together, we can do our part to end suffering and heal the world.

Salvaging Hope also exists as a way for me to chronicle my journey to recover from a troubled past, my daily struggles with mental health (anxiety and depression), and a place where the Lord Jesus Christ can be witnessed. My hope is that one of my posts will positively impact someone every day who is struggling with mental health, abuse, disease, drugs or fighting voices and demons of his or her past and hoping to find some calm from the storm. Because we are more than conquerors!
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